Amidst Taipei City’s bustling landscape, the LS House stands as a contemporary apartment oasis designed by Peny Hsieh Interiors.

Situated on the scenic Renai Road, this masterpiece recalls the serenity of nature and captures the essence of a “floating island garden”. Infused with Zen nuances, its design emphasizes boundlessness, inviting residents to relive fond memories under the vast, blue Taiwanese skies.

About LS House

An Urban Oasis in Memory

In the city’s hustle, a lush green sanctuary beckons. Memories of a sunlit, green haven crafted in the urban marsh flood the female owner’s mind. Here, seasons changed, and trees grew with the community’s rhythm.

A Stunning Vista on Renai Road

Imagine dwelling on Taipei’s Renai Road, boasting stunning views of cerulean skies and vibrant greenery. Inspired by the “floating island garden” concept, the designer sculpted this space. They envisioned a suspended islet—a garden, a homecoming beacon, and a panoramic nature platform with a Zen nod to shifting seasons.

Boundless Beauty

The floor-to-ceiling window’s wall-less side showcases infinity. The roof’s design cleverly incorporates abstract “shade” elements. With each curve and indentation, branches and leaves seem to dance in and out of the light.

A Multifaceted Floating Island

The space blossoms beside these vast windows. The living and dining areas merge, creating a floating island complete with audio-visual systems, mahjong, yoga spaces, a café, karaoke stage, garden, art gallery, party spot, and bathing facilities (an ultimate recreational zone). Here, friends and family relish moments of relaxation, making the home an expansive haven.

Photography courtesy of Peny Hsieh Interiors

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