In the heart of Marlow, United Kingdom, Lowater House stands as a masterpiece by Fletcher Crane Architects, effortlessly blending with the historic charm of its riverside setting. This architectural gem, directly overlooking the Thames, showcases a unique red brick design across two levels, comprising three distinct pitched forms.

With a design that embraces the river and mirrors local architectural traditions, Lowater offers a serene haven, featuring a courtyard with reflective pool views and a design that beautifully merges indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern brick buildings with a symmetrical walkway and landscaped greenery.
Modern brick house with large glass windows and manicured lawn.
Modern brick house with glass corridor overlooking a courtyard garden.
Open-plan living room with mezzanine and exposed wooden beams.
Minimalist room with wooden shelves, large window, and a view of a serene
Spacious attic room with exposed wooden beams and large checkered window.
Minimalist bedroom with exposed beams, circular mirror, and skylight.
Minimalist bathroom with a vaulted ceiling and central window.
Modern brick house with large glass gable and garden water feature.
Contemporary brick house with large windows overlooking a reflective pool.

About Lowater House

Architectural Harmony with Nature

Lowater stands as a testament to the harmonious blend with its neighboring church and the Thames River. It aims to enhance the local architectural landscape with its enduring charm.

Elegant Design Overlooking the Thames

Perched on the banks of the Thames in Marlow, this house unfolds across two levels, divided into three red brick pitched structures. Guests enter through a garden wall with perforations, leading under a zinc and timber canopy into a majestic cloister. Moreover, a landscaped courtyard, complete with a lawned square and reflective pool, offers stunning views of the river.

A Fusion of Light and Space

The main gable’s perforated brick facade adds a touch of drama, partially hiding and reflecting the interior’s lights and life across the pool. This area combines the kitchen, living, and dining rooms under a mezzanine, creating a spacious feel. The central gable is home to a living room and a master suite upstairs, while the northern section provides additional bedrooms and a garage.

Through careful design, Lowater not only respects its historical and natural surroundings but also introduces a contemporary living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri

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