Discover the epitome of modern living with the Love at Dusk project, a stunning two-story house that reflects the latest design trends of 2023. Conceived by the visionary minds at Suho Home, this residence is situated in Jingzhou, China, a place where ancient history and modernity converge. The house’s contemporary lines and thoughtful design echo the city’s renowned harmony between nature and architecture.

Dive into a world where elegance meets simplicity in every corner of this modern marvel.

About Love at Dusk

Architectural Artistry at First Sight

The Love at Dusk house in Jingzhou, China, immediately captures attention with its modern façade. Designed by Suho Home in 2023, the two-story house stands as a beacon of contemporary style, its deep tones and wooden accents harmonizing with the twilight sky. Here, the design not only impresses but also beckons exploration, marrying bold lines with the softness of the surrounding greenery.

Inside the Modern Sanctuary

Stepping inside, one transitions smoothly into a living space that radiates tranquility and modern sophistication. Suho Home has masterfully designed the living area to draw the eye upward to the geometric dance of contemporary light fixtures. Simultaneously, the expansive windows welcome the outside in, highlighting the clean lines and serene palette that define the open-plan ethos.

The Heart of Home: A Modern Kitchen

Moving forward, the kitchen unveils itself as a masterpiece of functionality artfully woven into the modern design. High-tech appliances integrate seamlessly with sleek cabinetry, inviting both culinary creativity and communal dining against a backdrop of the peaceful outdoors.

A Restful Retreat

Concluding the tour, the master bedroom serves as a restful retreat. Here, the design centers around a comfortably luxurious bed, supported by custom cabinetry that exudes understated elegance. Strategic lighting creates a play of light and shadow, enhancing the room’s natural tones and offering a haven of tranquility within the dynamic city of Jingzhou.

Love at Dusk stands not merely as a residence but as a narrative of modern living, exemplifying Suho Home’s commitment to designs that resonate with the human spirit and embrace the essence of their environment.

Photography courtesy of Suho Home

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