Set against the scenic confluence of land and sea in West Vancouver, Liminal House emerges as a testament to transitional living, expertly crafted by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses in 2022. This modern, concrete home responds to the life shift of empty nesters, capturing the essence of ‘liminal’—a place of transition and the intimate ‘in-between’ moments of life.

The house is not just a structure but a choreography of space, where movement crafts experience, and the ever-changing shoreline atmosphere breathes life into its very walls.

About Liminal House

A Threshold of Change

When future empty nesters came to us, they were on the brink of a new chapter. Consequently, we designed Liminal House to reflect this pivotal shift. Therefore, the concept of ‘liminal’—signifying transition and temporality—became central to our vision. It shapes a home that exists in the threshold of ‘before’ and ‘after.’

Where Nature Meets Nurture

Strategically, Liminal House perches where suburbia meets the stony embrace of West Vancouver’s coast. It stands as a testament to adaptation, just as native creatures have evolved for survival. Furthermore, its robust materials like concrete, stained Accoya wood, and aluminum plate ensure resilience against the harsh seaside elements.

Merging Environment with Architecture

Our journey with challenging landscapes has taught us to view homes not just as static structures but as living parts of the environment. Therefore, we adopted a scenographic approach to Liminal House. As a result, one discovers its beauty by moving through it. Courtyards and cantilevered forms extend into the landscape, seamlessly connecting home and habitat. Additionally, the interplay of reflections and light breathes life into the structure, crafting a sensory bridge between the tangible and the ephemeral.

Photography by Hufton + Crow

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