Tucked away in the quaint landscape of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Canada, emerges Les Bases, a modern eco-architectural marvel designed in 2022 by Emerick Duquette. This 148 square meter (1593 square feet) family home reflects a shared vision of architectural harmony within its ecosystem. With attention to the charming village tapestry and historical homes of the region, this dwelling melds the old with the new, offering a modern twist on heritage design.

About Les Bases

Unveiling Eco-Innovation: Les Bases

We’re thrilled to introduce “Les Bases,” a masterpiece of eco-architecture by Écorce Architecture Écologique. Crafted for Meggie and Jasmin, passionate advocates of design, this 148 square meter (1590 square feet) home is a beacon of sustainable family living. Moreover, it’s a harmonious blend with its natural surroundings.

Heritage Meets Modernity

Inspired by the quaint charm of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, “Les Bases” stands out yet fits in seamlessly. We’ve interwoven signature elements from the locale, like rooftop chimneys and playful volumes, into its fabric. Consequently, the architectural design honors the past with its clean lines and functional separation. Inside, a delicate balance positions the sleeping quarters low and living spaces high, while the entrance, strategically placed, bridges the home’s front and rear.

A Blueprint for Green Living

“Les Bases” exemplifies green innovation, achieving a 0.27 CAH@50Pa air change rate under passive house principles. Additionally, the strategically placed windows ensure a flood of natural light without the heat. Not only does the material selection contribute to the thermal mass, but it also enhances the home’s energy efficiency. Significantly, the house outperforms standard new builds by 53% in energy metrics, scoring 47 on the Home Energy Rating System. Furthermore, advanced framing and a monolithic slab not only reduce the carbon footprint but also promise enduring resilience. On the brink of LEED platinum certification, we’ve handpicked durable, eco-friendly materials, supporting local suppliers to craft a home that champions both environmental and community well-being.

Ultimately, our vision was to create a house that appears timeless within its rustic setting. Proudly, we invite you into Les Bases, a warm, eco-conscious home designed for enduring, sustainable comfort.

Photography by Maxime Brouillet

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