In the heart of Bucharest, Romania, a city known for its rich history and dynamic culture, stands Lazur Mountains. Designed by Aleksandra Tirnovschi in 2023, this modern apartment embodies the essence of comfort and functionality.

Thoughtful layouts, artistic elements, and an emphasis on creating a nurturing space make it a haven for contemporary families.

About Lazur Mountains

Tailored for a Modern Family

Designed with a modern family in mind, this interior emphasizes their desires and potential. Every detail, painstakingly planned, ensures optimal comfort. Impressively, the open space accommodates varied functional zones.

An Adaptable Kitchen-Living Blend

Interestingly, an island with a foldable table distinctly separates the kitchen from the living room. This adaptable feature expands seating when guests come over. Furthermore, the kitchen’s layout is strategically optimized. Consequently, cooking becomes a delightful experience.

Artistic TV Zone

Thanks to its geometric color block, the TV area stands out as a bespoke art piece. I crafted this feature specifically for this setting. Notably, the open space’s colors and geometry effortlessly extend into the master bedroom.

Seamless Storage Solutions

Incorporated wardrobes nestle perfectly in niches, becoming intrinsic elements of the space.

A Haven for the Youngest

The children’s room, while visually distinct, radiates a sense of calmness and warmth. Loving details shape an ambiance of serenity and affection.

Materials & Colors: Nature Meets Comfort

Soft textiles, genuine materials, and soothing color palettes come together, bringing immense joy to this family.

Photography courtesy of Aleksandra Tirnovschi

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