Welcome to Lake Tahoe Residence, a stunning Donald Judd-inspired mountain retreat nestled within the enchanting woods of Truckee, California!

This extraordinary home, designed by Nicolehollis in collaboration with Faulkner Architects, masterfully blends natural materials and bold architectural elements to create a captivating indoor-outdoor living experience. Explore this breathtaking gem and discover how the unique floor plan, sleek furnishings, and modern cabin ambiance come together to make it the perfect family escape in the heart of Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty.

About Lake Tahoe Residence

A Bold Donald Judd-Inspired Home in Truckee, California

Nestled deep within the woods of Truckee, California, a Donald Judd-inspired home stands proudly among the pines. With walls made of cement blocks and angled steel roof lines, the impressive exterior captures attention. NICOLEHOLLIS, in collaboration with Faulkner Architects, designed a striking home that features natural, bold materials. At the heart of the unique floor plan, a central courtyard serves as the focal point, surrounded by long hallways and spacious rooms. Enormous glass windows and sliding doors, X feet tall, open to the courtyard, creating an unparalleled indoor-outdoor entertaining atmosphere.

A Kitchen with Bold Materials and Dramatic Design

Entering the home through a charred wood front door, the kitchen showcases similar materials and tones. A blackened steel hood and Cambrian black granite backsplash make a statement as they tower over the kitchen, echoing the strong angles of the surrounding architecture.

Custom Furniture and Cozy Living Spaces

Adjacent to the kitchen island, a Donald Judd-inspired table with built-in benches, fabricated by Julian Giuntoli Custom Furniture, invites family gatherings. Just beyond the dining table, a freestanding wood fireplace by Cornish Masonry Stove Company warms the living room, creating a cozy atmosphere within the concrete walls. A custom console, made of solid bleached ambrosia maple and saddle leather, conceals a motor-operated television.

Modern Cabin-Inspired Bedrooms

In the bedrooms, Raw Sugar Pine accent walls evoke a modern cabin feel. The low-profile, wood plank bedframe by E15 and the patinated aluminum green bedside tables by Donald Judd boast smooth, sleek lines. The children’s room features two sets of built-in Raw Sugar Pine bunk beds, complete with encased drawers and shelves.

A Mountain Escape for a Close-Knit Family

This custom-built home perfectly reflects the adventurous, close-knit family who frequents this mountain retreat as often as possible. The stunning grounds and endless activities draw the family to Truckee, but it’s the warmth and beauty of this home that makes it hard to leave.

Photography courtesy of Nicolehollis

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