Discover La Volteta del Carmen, a modern and minimalist apartment located in Valencia, Spain, designed in 2021 by Piano Piano Studio.

This 70s-style apartment has been completely renovated to better accommodate the needs of today’s modern family. With three bedrooms, one bathroom, a closed kitchen, a living room and a large dining room, La Volteta del Carmen offers plenty of space for hosting guests, studying, working and playing. The renovation has improved the flow of the apartment, creating an inviting atmosphere to make it feel like home.

About La Volteta del Carmen

Revisiting the 70s Standard Distribution

For Maria and Thomas, living in a pre-established type of layout didn’t provide the comfort of feeling at home. Their apartment felt more like a gloomy labyrinth than a place to spend time with family and friends. As architects, we had to revise the existing hierarchy and update the structure to meet their needs.

Creating a Home that Fits Multiple Lifestyles

The goal of the renovation was to create an apartment that fit Maria and Thomas’ current and future lifestyles. This included the need to receive guests, host family, study, work, and play. All without having to demolish or build too much.

Finding the Balance between Comfort and Efficiency

The challenge was to find the balance between creating an environment that was comfortable and efficient. We had to ensure that the corridor was long enough to give access to three bedrooms, one for the parents, two for the children, a large bathroom (2.13 m2) and a small toilet (1.2 m2), a closed kitchen, a living room, and a large dining room.

Making the Most of the Space

The resulting apartment design made the most of the space, providing comfort and convenience for Maria and Thomas’ family and visitors. The challenge was to make the layout work for their current and future lifestyles, while preserving the essence of the original structure.

Photography by Milena Villalba

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