Located in the heart of Florence, La Petite is the perfect spot to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the city. Designed by Deferrari+Modesti in 2022, this cocktail bar offers a unique atmosphere that blends classic Italian design with modern elements.

About La Petite

La Petite Florence Opens New Spaces for Food, Meetings, and Nightlife

La Petite Florence is opening new spaces dedicated to food, meetings, and nightlife. The intervention included restyling the space adjacent to the venue, now connected by a new passageway.

Cocktail Bar Access

From the ground floor cocktail bar, patrons now have access to an interior room with multiple street views. Large French doors can be opened to take advantage of the seating space. Warm tones envelop the room, creating a relaxed atmosphere perfect for conversation and drinks.

Recurring Elements

Materials reminiscent of the original design, such as a light-colored stone wall, are present in the new space. Mirror and vinyl shapes on the floor frame the seating, giving the feel of woven carpets. Daylight floods the dimly lit room, where elements of vivid color, such as the bright ochre of the sofa, add a convivial dimension.

Photography by Anna Positano and Gaia Cambiaggi | Studio Campo

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