Klu is a stunning traditional luxury restaurant designed by Antonio Di Maro, nestled in the heart of “Campania Felix” in Marcianise, Italy.

This remarkable palace, once a historic residence of a prominent Caserta family, has been transformed into a lounge bar and cultural hub, showcasing exquisite art, music, and culinary experiences. Explore the revitalized 18th-century palace and immerse yourself in the flavors and ambiance of this extraordinary dining destination.

About Klu

A Historic Residence in the Heart of “Campania Felix”

Nestled in the heart of the charming “Campania Felix,” surrounded by Torelli’s frescoed vaults featuring floral designs, poplar trees, and exquisite majolica tiles, stands one of the most significant late 18th-century palaces. This historic residence belonged to a prominent middle-class family in Caserta.

Revitalizing the Palace: A Fusion of Art, Music, and Culinary Delights

The project encompasses a complete redevelopment of the palace, transforming it into a lounge bar and a cultural hub for hosting temporary and permanent art exhibitions, musical performances, and the tasting of exceptional food and wine from around the world.

Rediscovering the Palace’s Architectural Splendor

Through extensive research on the building’s architectural “type,” we aimed to “recompose” the palace’s architecture, uncovering its original character and restoring the splendors of its past. Our unwavering pursuit of beauty, combined with respect for historical elements and timely interventions, culminates in a unique, “sui generis” creative blend.

Tailored Tasting Experiences in Elegant Halls

We divided the palace into separate halls, each dedicated to a unique tasting experience. When restoration was not possible, we recreated the ambiance of the past by reusing pre-existing architectural features and carefully selected furniture components based on thorough research.

Preserving and Enhancing the Palace’s Original Charm

Upon entering the palace, the ancient courtyard, characterized by frescoed barrel vaults, has been preserved and enhanced with diffused lighting that emphasizes the palace’s historical and artistic heritage. We restored the polychrome marbles of the main staircase, and adorned the windows with curtains from the renowned Bourbon silk factories of San Leucio, reflecting the historical period.

The Ancient Ballroom: A Pictorial Masterpiece

The palace’s showpiece is the ancient ballroom, distinguished by Vincenzo Luigi Torelli’s pictorial work, which serves as a breathtaking backdrop from the first entrance hall. Furnishings and curtains intentionally showcase distinctive features, creating a striking contrast with the pre-existing elements while maintaining a harmonious balance. The central bar counter, designed and built as a “stage,” further emphasizes the artwork.

Custom Lighting Solutions for a Versatile Space

Our lighting engineering studies led to the creation of tailor-made lighting scenarios catering to diverse needs, designed to enhance individual “compositional pixels.” The palace embodies the deep-rooted, visceral connection with the enchanting land celebrated since antiquity for its remarkable beauty.

Photography courtesy of Antonio Di Maro

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