KIDA’s Wonderland is a minimalist apartment located in Pristina, Kosovo, designed by MUZA.


Can a clean and minimal design reveal in you a sense of wonder and comfort? It absolutely can! In an apartment in the heart of Pristina, we have built and designed every corner of it with delicacy, love and a lot of dedication. We have tried to reveal this atmosphere, comfort, and warmth to you through photos.

However, the liveliness of the feeling that this design offers you when you enjoy it up close, cannot be described! This is at least what the 3-member family living in this apartment has expressed! A very special, wonderful girl named Kida, through her magical world full of colors, has inspired us to give a lot of warmth to every element we have created.

Undoubtedly, for us young creators, the interpersonal approach is important – the harmony between design and humans always makes it a unique space, a space that unfolds in a private and personal world.

As always, we have used natural oak wood to give the apartment natural access, in combination with light and relaxing shades.

As in the living room, so in the bedrooms and other spaces, we have conveyed the same spirit, as each member of this family is personified – a common and fulfilled world!

Photography courtesy of MUZA

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