Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the KA Apartment, a masterpiece from Zrobim Architects. Nestled in Minsk, Belarus’s historic heart, this modern home epitomizes the blend of high-tech functionality and European elegance. Embarking on a journey through this 2023 marvel, you’ll discover the charm of a bygone era revitalized into a comfortable and well-organized space, designed for the contemporary lifestyle of a young couple.

About KA Apartment

Harnessing Tech and European Elegance

Our design journey begins with the marriage of cutting-edge technology and European elegance. Merging the sharp lines of modern minimalism with the grace of classical elements, we created a unique, innovative interior.

Breathing New Life into a Historic Space

Nestled in the city’s historic heart, the apartment sits in a mid-20th-century building. It originally featured high ceilings, a quaint, worn-out balcony, and a classic layout of small, separate rooms. The primary challenge? Transforming this vintage space into an appealing, functional abode for a young couple.

Crafting an Open, Adaptable Layout

We rooted our design approach in the concept of open space. We unified the apartment’s separate zones while maintaining options for privacy. Sliding partitions can easily transform open space into secluded bedroom and bathroom areas. However, with these partitions retracted, the apartment morphs into one expansive, interconnected space.

Monochrome Meets Parisian Charm

Our design does not hinge on color. Instead, it thrives on details reminiscent of cozy Parisian apartments. Features such as shutters, an open balcony with an awning, stucco, neat-legged furniture, and “French herringbone” parquet flooring, impart a unique personality to the minimalistic design.

Incorporating Smart Home Technology

High-tech functionality defines this design. Every inch brims with practicality and comfort. A smart home system integrates all engineering aspects, conveniently controllable via a separate tech room or a smartphone. Additionally, we meticulously designed a concealed ventilation system for all rooms.

Customized Furniture for a Personal Touch

Much of the interior furniture is bespoke, designed to our sketches or customized. For instance, we transformed a basic IKEA bed frame with a tailored upholstered headboard. Similarly, we designed a discreet cabinet to house a laser projector and other equipment, including an amplifier, modem, and climate control.

Attention to Detail for Timeless Appeal

By obsessing over every detail, we crafted an interior teeming with technological sophistication and personal flair. Thus, we have fashioned a space that withstands fleeting trends and remains timeless for years to come.

Photography by Ksenia Pogranovskaya

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