Loma Sagrada House, crafted by Salagnac Arquitectos in Nosara, Costa Rica, seamlessly blends eco-friendly design with the natural landscape. Utilizing wood, the house not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances the area’s beauty. Moreover, set on a gentle 35-degree slope, it features natural ventilation and solar energy, making it a prime example of sustainable architecture.

Modern house nestled among tropical trees with a green roof.
Modern home with large overhang nestled in a lush green forest.
Modern treehouse-style home with large glass windows and wooden exterior.
Wooden terrace with chairs overlooking a forest from a modern house.
Modern open-air room with exposed beams overlooking a lush forest.
A wooden house with large windows surrounded by lush greenery.
Modern wooden house with overhanging roof beside an infinity pool surrounded by palm trees
Luxurious wooden tropical resort with an infinity pool and loungers surrounded by palm trees
Modern wooden pavilion with lush greenery surrounds.
Wooden interior of a tropical home with large windows overlooking greenery.
Wooden yoga studio interior with open windows and serene forest view.
Modern tropical pavilion style house with pool and palm trees.
Modern house with pool surrounded by tropical forest.

About Inside Loma Sagrada

Revolutionizing Construction: Loma Sagrada House

Loma Sagrada House once faced devastation from livestock but has now blossomed into a regenerative construction marvel. This project stands out by improving the land, a stark contrast to typical construction sites that often damage the environment.

Eco-Friendly Building Techniques

Minimal earth movement and pile work preserved the soil’s integrity, enabling the land to regenerate quickly around the buildings. Several eco-friendly structures make up the project, with the main building strategically located on the southern hillside for protection against harsh summer winds. Additionally, a microclimate, abundant in vegetation, naturally regulates the internal temperature of the building.

Innovative Design and Sustainability

The house’s design takes full advantage of the 35-degree slope, creating a triangular structure. This design reduces foundation impact and boosts efficiency with its all-wood construction. At the summit, the public area provides breathtaking panoramic views and includes amenities such as a pool, yoga room, and kitchenette, all mirroring the main building’s wooden, modular style. The landscape integrates permaculture zones and plants that attract wildlife, showcasing a perfect harmony with nature.

Commitment to Environmental Goals

Over 95% of the wood used is plantation-grown, significantly cutting CO2 emissions and aligning with Costa Rica’s environmental goals. This building approach is not only eco-friendly but also promotes human health by avoiding electromagnetic radiation and fostering a comforting atmosphere. In areas prone to moisture, natural stone replaces industrial materials, furthering the project’s sustainable commitment.

Technological Advancements in Eco-Construction

The house features several innovative elements: natural ventilation, solar protection, advanced electromagnetic shielding wiring, flicker-free lighting, and systems for water reuse and solar energy. Additionally, it includes safe water purification methods for both human use and a chemical-free pool.

Loma Sagrada House exemplifies sustainable development, balancing environmental conservation with human well-being. It’s a prime example of how construction can enhance and positively integrate with the natural world.

Photography courtesy of Salagnac Arquitectos

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