Reviving a classic terraced house near Prague’s airport, Noarchitects transforms In a Row into a modern family sanctuary. With extensive renovations from the ground up, this three-storey home blends 21st-century infrastructure with innovative design, turning everyday living into an endless holiday.

Discover how strategic architecture and interior adjustments brighten spaces and connect the household like never before.

Contemporary living room with wooden floors, large windows, and a minimalist design.
Modern living room with minimalist decor, bench seating, and a fireplace.
Modern living room with fireplace, bookshelf, and dining area.
Sleek home office with bookshelf adjacent to cozy balcony with plants.
Contemporary home interior with wooden accents and open shelving.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and pendant lights.
Modern kitchen with bar stools and wooden floors, leading to a staircase with yellow lighting
Contemporary wooden interior with patterned staircase and round window.
Modern wooden staircase with patterned side panels.
Wooden doors partially open leading to a modern bathroom interior.
Modern bathroom with a round mirror, vessel sink, and black vanity.
Modern bathroom with dual sinks, a round mirror, and a window.
Modern two-story white building with black windows and balcony, surrounded by greenery.

About In a Row

A Global Traveller’s Haven Near the Airport

A globe-trotting client chose to settle his family in an older terraced house, serendipitously close to the airport. This three-storey home boasts semi-closed basements, lush gardens, and breathtaking views of Bílá Hora’s historic landscapes. Despite its perks, the house required extensive renovation to unlock its full potential.

Transforming the Heart of the Home

Upon our arrival, a secluded steel staircase cast a shadow in the home’s corner. We reimagined this space, integrating the staircase into the living area and creating open spaces between steps. Consequently, the home’s vertical living became more engaging, enhancing connectivity across floors. The process, challenging due to the home’s 1970s self-built hollow core slab ceilings, demanded meticulous planning with experts to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Comprehensive Modernization

Our overhaul not only reinforced the structure but also modernized the entire infrastructure. We updated electrical systems, windows, insulation, and even the terrace and roof. Furthermore, we boldly reconfigured the layout, moving rooms and merging the kitchen with living spaces for a cohesive flow. These strategic alterations required careful coordination, pushing engineering limits for a harmonious design.

Creating a Perpetual Holiday Retreat

Finally, we polished the interior, transforming it into a picturesque retreat. Now, the residents enjoy a space that feels like an everlasting vacation, blending modern amenities with timeless charm. This meticulous renovation not only revitalized the structure but also crafted a sanctuary for ceaseless enjoyment and comfort.

Photography by Studio Flusser

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