House with Swimming Pool is a beautiful concrete residence located in Vigodarzere, Italy, designed in 2022 by Mide Architetti.


The building is located within a plot in Vigodarzere, in the province of Padua.

The design challenge here is dictated by the particular conformation of the intervention plot: a tongue of land about 400 meters long that runs along the north-south axis.

The house follows the reference trend, developing on a single floor with a pitched roof.

In this project, all construction principles are designed to be able to lead the observer’s gaze back to simple, clean lines through concealed, flush or coplanar elements. The property is strongly characterized by the essential design of the structure.

The extreme simplicity of the floor plan contributes to significantly improved functionality, minimizing the space allocated to corridors and thus making the most of the available surfaces in favor of the most important rooms in the house.

High visual permeability and generous inputs of natural lighting, characterize all interior spaces: the large glazed openings provided in the living area allow a relationship of continuity between inside and outside.

In order to create a connecting porch between the living area and the pool, the roof pitch undergoes a controlled expansion, following its natural inclination.

Photography courtesy of MIDE architetti

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