Unveiling the transformation of a once dim space into a beacon of light, House with Sliding Doors by Viù Architettura in Imola, Italy, showcases a masterful renovation. This apartment breathes modern design into the historic heart of Imola, where sliding glass doors not only define spaces but bathe them in natural light, amplifying the charm of its central location with every detail.

Modern home interior with glass doors and a person walking in the hallway.
Contemporary room with sliding frosted glass doors and wooden floor.
Modern room with white sliding doors and a plant in the corner.
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets and pendant light.
Modern kitchen with white marble backsplash and countertops, featuring a cake under a glass
Contemporary kitchen with pendant light, white counters, and person cooking.
Contemporary bedroom corner with chic decor and plants.
Sleek bedroom with black sliding door and person by window.
Modern bathroom with beige walls, a bathtub, and wooden floor.
Contemporary bathroom with a sleek white bathtub, wall-mounted toilet, and abstract art
Modern bathroom with textured brown walls and patterned floor tiles.

About House with Sliding Doors

The House with Sliding Doors in Imola, Italy, designed by Viù Architettura in 2023, stands as a testament to modern architectural finesse. Tucked in the bustling historic center, this apartment’s transformation from dark and cluttered to a haven of light and clarity is nothing short of remarkable.

The Art of Light and Space

Upon entry, one is greeted by the brilliance of strategic demolition – walls that once barricaded light are replaced with sliding glass, akin to curtains on a stage. Each room flows into the next, with a delicate balance of privacy and openness. The living room, with its sliding glass doors, becomes a versatile area that’s both intimate and welcoming, reflecting a design ethos that champions light and space.

A Modern Oasis

The kitchen, a blend of function and style, features sleek lines and minimalist design. It is a culinary artist’s dream, with its clean white cabinetry against a backdrop of marble-like finishing. The harmony between the kitchen and the dining area exemplifies modern living, where simplicity and elegance coexist.

Intimate Elegance

The bathroom spaces in the House with Sliding Doors contrast the living areas with a darker, earthy palette. Here, the design shifts to create a more enclosed, personal sanctuary. Muted tones and contemporary fixtures speak of a sophistication that complements the apartment’s overall modern aesthetic.

In every corner of the House with Sliding Doors, Viù Architettura’s commitment to light, functionality, and sleek modern design is evident. This apartment isn’t just a living space; it’s a statement of how modern living should feel – open, light-filled, and utterly at peace with its historic urban heartbeat.

Photography courtesy of Viù Architettura

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