Welcome to House with a Terrace in Miramar, a modern, concrete house in Porto, Portugal. Designed by João Pedro Serodio in 2022, this house features a hidden garden with a swimming pool overlooking the ocean and a breathtaking view of the city.

With a design style that perfectly expresses the philosophy of the designer, the house is accented with iconic Ritzwell furniture and warm wood floors, creating a cozy atmosphere to relax and enjoy the view.

Located in Miramar, known for its vibrant cultural center, this house is perfect for those who seek a modern and luxurious lifestyle.

About House with a terrace in Miramar

Brutalist Architecture and Iconic Furniture Unite in Patio em Miramar

Situated in a hidden garden with a stunning view of the ocean, Patio em Miramar in Portugal stands out for its brutalist architecture in exposed concrete, blending effortlessly with the surrounding green. Architect João Pedro Serodio’s philosophy is expressed through the façades and the “bare” interior walls with orthogonal cuts. Every space in the home, built around a central patio-garden, enjoys natural light through large windows.

Warm Atmosphere in Every Room

Solid wood slatted floors and rugs create a warm atmosphere in the living areas, where iconic Ritzwell furniture is the main focus. DIANA sofas and armchairs in soft leather with curved wooden legs, MO coffee table, and JK coffee table with curved walnut top create relaxing, inviting conversation areas. The sideboard JABARA with sliding doors and the long MCM dining table (7.62 m) in solid walnut and black metal with a minimalist design complete the dining area.

Contemporary Design Perfectly Blends into Architecture

The contemporary taste, characterised by clean, timeless lines, of the furniture perfectly complements the architecture, creating a cohesive interior design. The designer and architect João Pedro Serodio’s philosophy is clearly visible in the home: architecture establishes a structural perimeter to outline and protect the interior spaces, while furniture and personal items fill the living space and give it character.

Photography by Marta Maria Ferreira / Luís Ferreira Alves

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