Introducing House PF, an Italian gem nestled in the heart of Vicenza, Italy, designed by DID in 2022. This captivating residence fuses modernity with 1970s Milanese nightclub inspiration, creating a unique contrast between dark and light.

Immerse yourself in the bold tones and artistic flair of this home, owned by a professional couple with a shared passion for experimentation. With exquisite black iron walls and Carrara marble accents, this one-of-a-kind house is a true celebration of design and self-expression.

About House PF

The Beauty of Contrast: A Tale of Darkness and Light

A continuous interplay of darkness and light defines the beauty of this unique interior design. Commissioned by a professional couple—an instrumentalist and an Italian artisanal perfume expert—this space showcases their shared passion for experimentation and bold tones, reflecting their uncompromising lifestyle.

Inspiration from a Historic Milanese Nightclub

Drawing inspiration from the interiors of a 1970s Milanese nightclub, the project incorporates the unconventional use of steel sheets, an innovative choice at the time. This material captivated the clients from the outset, both for its connection to the musical scene and its ability to display an array of colors and shapes.

The Allure of Black Iron Walls

The black iron walls, characterized by deep chromatic shades, evoke artistic interpretations and encourage contemplation of darkness’s beauty. The pristine white color highlights boundaries and balances the black materials’ roughness, creating a striking contrast.

Expressive Steel: Preserving Original Colors and Oxidation

The project uses expressive steel, specifically chosen and treated to maintain the original colors and oxidation from the rolling process. Folded and applied to walls, doors, and niches in the living room, the steel sheets overlap, creating slots for linear lights that emphasize the raw material’s natural imperfections.

Frenetic Lifestyles and Personal Spaces

The design reveals the clients’ fast-paced lives, which require expansive white spaces to fully appreciate the darkness of their personal retreats. The black, shiny floor serves as an ideal backdrop for the custom Carrara marble table and the white living room sofa.

Photography by Luca Girardini

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