Discover House MD, a unique gem by Didonè Comacchio Architects, nestled in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. This contemporary house, conceived in 2023, embraces the gentle slope of the captivating Valsugana mouth, next to the Grappa massif.

Its inventive design gracefully merges with the garden’s natural heights and overlooks, creating an array of private spaces that bask in the surrounding natural splendor. At the heart of this abode, you’ll find a flexible space ready to showcase a rotating collection of art or even a cherished vehicle.

About House MD

An Architectural Gem Nestled in Valsugana’s Mouth

The project takes center stage at Valsugana’s mouth, majestically resting at the base of the Grappa massif. This captivating landscape embraces a terrain marked by a gentle slope.

Melding Architecture with Nature

An architectural marvel, the building uniquely nestles partially into the ground. This strategic placement enhances the varying overlooks, offering an enticing play of heights within the garden.

Maximized Views and Privacy

The development team worked diligently to craft a floor plan that skillfully balances private and communal spaces. The result is an array of rooms that provide varying levels of privacy, while also offering unimpeded views of the mesmerizing natural surroundings.

Client-Focused Approach

In their commitment to client satisfaction, the team ensured that every element of the design aligns with the client’s preferences. It’s a testament to the team’s flexibility and attention to detail.

The Heart of the House: A Collector’s Dream

In a surprising twist, the house’s heart serves as a wildcard space. This versatile area can comfortably house a collector’s vehicle, and also display a rotating selection of artwork. This space truly celebrates the clients’ unique passions, encapsulating the spirit of this extraordinary architectural project.

Photography courtesy of Didonè Comacchio Architects

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