Set amidst the enchanting landscapes of Grândola, Portugal, House in Muda emerges as a family holiday haven. Designed in 2022 by Vasco Lima Mayer, this minimalist yet traditionally influenced abode offers three distinct blocks tailored for multi-generational bonding.

Its heart, the living room, reflects true Portuguese essence with an overflow of light and space. But it’s not just the architecture that mesmerizes; the surrounding Comporta region, renowned for its magical rice fields, pine forests, and dunes, promises an unparalleled coastal retreat.

About House in Muda

Introducing Muda’s Family Retreat

Muda’s House stands as a family holiday sanctuary, uniting grandparents, parents, and grandchildren.

A Unique Spatial Blueprint

During the initial discussion, the clients unveiled an intriguing spatial layout. They envisioned three distinct blocks: a primary one for the grandparents boasting a bedroom and a cozy living room, and two separate blocks for the parents and grandchildren, each featuring two bedrooms.

The Heart of Portuguese Living

At its core, like a quintessential Portuguese home, the living room serves as a focal point. Here, spaces meld, transparency prevails, and light abounds. Glass bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors, cultivating an expansive haven for cherished family memories.

Traditional Influences Meet Modern Design

Stretched horizontally and anchored by a striking chimney, the home’s design subtly echoes traditional Portuguese motifs. This influence bestows the residence with an eclectic yet timeless charm.

Beyond the Home: The Enchantment of Comporta

Yet, the allure doesn’t merely lie in the house’s construction or the land’s bounds. Nestled in Comporta, its magic unfolds across rice fields, through pine forests, and over dunes, eventually merging with the unparalleled beauty of the Alentejo coast.

Photography by Filipe Borralho

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