Experience the House in Galamares – a student’s first solo project that has blossomed into a serene, minimalist architectural marvel. Designed by Vasco Lima Mayer in 2022, this two-story house nestled in the lush landscapes of Sintra, Portugal, harmoniously fuses the beauty of nature with human artistry.

With its partially submerged design and panoramic views of the Sintra mountains, this unique dwelling seems to have always been a part of this enchanting, mountainous habitat.

About House in Galamares

The Dawn of My Architectural Journey

I first breathed life into this design during my student days, making it a particularly special milestone in my career.

Mastering Minimalist Aesthetics

Step inside, and you’ll find a serene haven marked by airy, bright spaces. Every decision meticulously mirrors the project’s minimalist ethos, from the selection of sober materials to the soft, earthy color palette of beige and white.

Showcasing Simplicity and Detail

This home exudes the beauty of simplicity, not just as a collective concept, but also in its smallest details. The delicate balance of glass, wood, and zinc contributes to this effect.

An Ode to Nature

Yet, the star material here is undoubtedly nature itself. Slide open the windows to reveal an expansive, uninterrupted view of the verdant Sintra mountains.

Harmonizing with the Environment

Respecting the landscape’s beauty meant ensuring the project harmonized with its environment. By integrating the structure into the terrain, half of the house appears submerged. From the upper level entrance, it seems to be a single-story building (10.76 sq ft or 1 sq m).

Blending the New with the Timeless

The use of fine, subtle lines bestows a certain lightness upon the structure, giving the impression that it has been a part of the mountainous habitat since time immemorial.

Photography by Alexander Bogorodskiy

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