In Kisarazu, Japan, House for G by Kurosawa Kawara-Ten artfully merges contemporary design with a lush suburban setting. Designed for an elderly couple, this weekend house sits on a steep slope, blending seamlessly with nature. Additionally, the home boasts minimal environmental impact and stunning Tokyo Bay views.

Emphasizing sustainability, it utilizes locally sourced wood affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, ‘House for G’ provides a serene retreat near Tokyo, showcasing a harmonious balance between modern living and the natural world.

About House for G

‘House for G’: A Peaceful Escape in Kisarazu

In Kisarazu, Japan, we designed ‘House for G’ on a suburban slope. This weekend house is a dream come true for an elderly couple. They wanted a quiet place to enjoy their garden and take a break from Tokyo.

Simple Design with Big Impact

The owner’s dream was a beautiful house. We focused on unique shapes, good views, and not harming plants. The house also has space for artwork and family visits.

We made the first floor small and the second floor larger. This design lets us use the space well. It also provides great views and a rooftop to see Tokyo Bay.

Eco-Friendly Building During Tough Times

We faced a wood shortage due to COVID-19. So, we used local trees cut down by a storm. This process was hard but good for the environment. The house has special wood beams and outside walls.

The second floor’s design was tricky. We used strong wood trusses and veneers. They make the inside look unique and are useful in the kitchen.

Due to budget limits, we kept the inside simple. It has a gray and wood look. The outside uses wood panels and easy-care metal panels.

‘House for G’ is a luxury spot in the suburbs. It’s close to nature, unlike the busy city. This house shows how to live well in the suburbs.

Photography by Chiba Masato

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