Step inside the House Among the Pines, a breathtaking two-story family home nestled in Kazakhstan’s Borovoe. Designed by the acclaimed Kvadrat Architects, this modern house is set in the heart of a landscape so beautiful, it’s known as the “Kazakhstani Switzerland.” Here, the allure of age-old pines, pure air, vibrant lakes, and mesmerizing mountains collide.

The design employs a captivating principle of contrast, harmonizing with the natural surroundings to create a serene, meditative space that’s the perfect family retreat.

About House Among the Pines

A Tranquil Family Retreat in Kazakhstan’s “Swiss Alps”

Nestled in Borovoe, one of Kazakhstan’s most scenic spots, this family home offers a refreshing retreat. Amid the charm of venerable pines, pristine air, 14 stunning lakes, and captivating mountains, it’s little wonder the area is fondly referred to as the “Kazakhstani Switzerland.”

A family of six calls this haven home, using it as their serene escape for weekends, holidays, and vacations. It serves as a gathering spot that beautifully intertwines the joys of family and nature. In the future, the home will pass down to the children, solidifying a legacy of love and nature.

Embodying the Essence of Nature: A Study in Contrast

The home’s design cleverly splits the space into public and private areas across two floors. It also embraces the law of contrasts found in nature, evident in every element of the design. For instance, black and white areas playfully denote the transition from day to night. Furthermore, the living room, spanning two floors and reaching 7 m high (approximately 23 feet), serves as a breathtaking showcase of this contrast, filling the room with a copious amount of natural sunlight.

Materials such as wood and stone maintain this contrast, with the warmth of the wood offsetting the stone’s coolness. This juxtaposition, like nature itself, results in a harmonious balance.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

One cornerstone of the Kvadrat Architects Design Studio’s philosophy is fostering a close connection with nature. This means using natural materials and adopting an eco-conscious attitude. Their designs also prioritize high-quality decorative elements and furniture that can stand the test of time and remain stylish.

Each detail of the interior highlights the abundance of light, air, and the ever-evolving beauty of the landscape just outside the window.

The Serenity of Nature: A Minimalist, Meditative Interior

Nevertheless, the primary charm of the interior is the surrounding nature. The aim was to design a minimalist space that would not compete with the landscape but rather enhance the beauty of the pine forest and mountainous terrain. Accordingly, the interior lacks aggressive shapes, bold colors, or wild textures, elements that typically introduce visual noise. Given its purpose as a country house for relaxation after a demanding work week, the interior is as tranquil and meditative as possible.

Photography courtesy of Kvadrat Architects

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