Immerse yourself in the stunning fusion of contemporary design and natural beauty at Hotel Villa Madonna, a breathtaking hotel located in Siusi allo Sciliar, Italy.

Designed by the talented Joseph di Pasquale in 2022, this modern retreat embraces the majestic views of Sciliar mountain and seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Experience unparalleled luxury and an architectural marvel that harmoniously combines tradition with innovation.

About Hotel Villa Madonna

Enhancing Natural Connections: The Expansion Project’s Morphology

The expansion project’s morphology revolves around establishing meaningful connections with the natural context. By analyzing the relationships between the interior and exterior, such as orientations, alignments, and views, the design aims to create harmony with its surroundings.

Capturing Scenic Views: The Importance of Orientation

The main orientation focuses on the view of the Sciliar mountain, with the primary axis defining the main façade’s alignment to capture the mountain’s beauty from the hall’s interior space. The glazed front’s vertex rises in that direction, allowing for a more expansive view.

Welcoming Guests and Honoring Tradition: Design Objectives

A secondary generator bends the façade to guide guests towards the entrance, while the north alignments continue the internal church’s axis to emphasize its significance and establish a courtyard-like configuration. The south front aligns with the existing building along the road.

Harmonious Dialogue: Bridging Contemporary and Traditional Designs

Architecturally, the expansion project relates to the existing building by interpreting the basement’s compositional role. By adopting a contemporary design language that harmoniously interacts with the traditional character, the project achieves a balance between old and new.

Innovative Openings and Material Choices for a Modern Touch

Traditional window designs have been avoided in favor of physical discretizations in the curtain walls, allowing light and external views to filter inside without disrupting material continuity. The choice of materials follows the tradition of mountain constructions while utilizing modern, technical materials.

Photography courtesy of Joseph di Pasquale

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