Home with a Swing is a captivating modern apartment designed by CLACstudio in Rome, Italy. Completed in 2021, this unique space boasts a vibrant personality in every room, enhanced by bold colors, black, green, and striking iron glass doors.

Unwind in the playful final room, featuring a swing and a whimsical moon illustration on the wall. Immerse yourself in the charm and energy of Rome’s eternal city from the comfort of this one-of-a-kind apartment.

About Home with a Swing

Renovation of an apartment in Rome, where each room has a strong personality.

The use of color, black, green, and iron in the glass doors create suggestions and continuous dialogues and introspections from one room to another.

The last room is designed as a play area, where a swing is free to move while looking at a moon drawn on the wall…

Photography by Francesco Conti

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