HG Apartment is a contemporary home located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, redesigned in 2022 by Studio Arthur Casas.


The renovation of this apartment in São Paulo was designed to give protagonism to the works of art and provide comfort and functionality to the family, a couple with two small children.

The neutral tone of the finishes and coatings, such as the marble floor with white stones, along with the exposed concrete ceiling and columns, allow the architecture to be a supporting role in the environments full of canvases, sculptures and signed designer furniture. As for the ceiling, the initial idea was to make a lining, but with the demolition, the flat slab revealed itself as a powerful architectural element, remaining in the project.

The integration of the internal and external spaces was incorporated into the program to guarantee amplitude to the environments and visual connection with the wooded landscape of the surroundings. The living and dining rooms are integrated, while the kitchen and pantry are more reserved, by the clients’ request. The solutions of the mudroom in the corridor and the use of the intimate circulation optimize the spaces and provide a fluid movement, especially for the children.

The electrical installations were central elements in the project. Whilst they brought challenges due to the absence of the lining, they were also essential for the creation of the apartment’s architectural identity.

The lighting was done by rails with magnetic components, providing flexibility to the placement of the light points so that the client can change the positioning of the artworks and always be able to light them. The air conditioning and the invisible speakers were installed on the wall so that when they are turned on, it is not possible to identify where the sound comes from.

The furniture is divided between antique items and contemporary pieces, most of them signed by Arthur Casas, such as the sofa panam, the côncava sideboard, and onda sideboard.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arthur Casas

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