Discover the Hale Akoakoa Residence in Kauai, Hawaii, a striking example of vernacular architecture by Eerkes Architects. This unique house is masterfully perched on a hillside, offering breathtaking views of the South Shore.

Designed as a trio of interconnected ‘islands’, it harmoniously integrates with the challenging topography. The central island, hosting the main living areas and a chic swimming pool, stands proudly along the ridge’s center. Encircled by two bedroom wings, the Primary Suite overlooks a tranquil valley, while the guest rooms enjoy sunrise and vast ocean vistas.

About Hale Akoakoa Residence

Architectural Marvel on Kaua’i’s South Shore

Hale Akoakoa, an architectural gem, sits proudly on a hillside in Kaua’i. It offers stunning views of the South Shore. This unique residence skillfully navigates the land’s complex topography. Moreover, its design mirrors three islands, ingeniously connected by bridges.

Innovative Design Meets Natural Beauty

The residence’s central section aligns perfectly with the ridge’s center. Here, the slope rises to create a platform, boasting primary living spaces and an elegant swimming pool. This central area also forms an inviting courtyard. Importantly, it allows glimpses of the ocean through the residence. Additionally, two ‘islands’ flank this core, housing the bedroom wings.

Panoramic Views in Every Direction

The Primary Suite, nestled in a wind-protected area, overlooks a tranquil valley to the west. Conversely, the guest rooms face east. Here, they enjoy the morning sun and sweeping ocean views. This strategic placement ensures every room captures a piece of Kaua’i’s breathtaking landscape.

Photography courtesy of Eerkes Architects

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