Discover the H / Katarino chalet, a masterpiece of rustic modernity crafted in 2022 by the renowned Makeroom Architects. Tucked away in Razlog, Bulgaria, this minimalist yet luxurious property boasts a unique blend of traditional chalet charm and sleek, contemporary design.

Razlog, known for its breathtaking mountain vistas and rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for this stunning example of architectural innovation and elegant interior design.

About H / Katarino

Nestled in the scenic Razlog Valley, H / Katarino chalet offers a retreat into a world where rustic meets modern. Crafted in 2022 by Makeroom Architects, its design invites guests to experience the tranquility of Bulgaria’s mountainous charm.

Warm Welcomes in a Rustic Living Room

Enter the living room and find comfort in soft leather chairs. Sunlight streams through sheer curtains, lighting up the wooden space. A fireplace adds to the room’s cozy feel, perfect for relaxed reading or warm gatherings.

Sleek Kitchen with a Touch of Tradition

The kitchen blends old and new with wood finishing and modern appliances. At the breakfast bar, light hangs over sleek stools, offering a spot for meals or a chat with a cup of coffee.

Restful Nights in a Simple Bedroom

The bedroom is a haven of simplicity. Its neutral tones and uncluttered space ensure calm evenings. A wooden backdrop brings nature indoors, enhancing the room’s peaceful vibe.

In the bathroom, wood meets stone for a clean and natural look. Twin sinks sit on a wooden shelf, ready for a refreshing morning routine. The shower’s clear glass and smooth surfaces echo the chalet’s modern touches.

A dedicated workspace features a neat desk and comfortable chair. Here, the mix of rustic wood and modern design inspires focus and creativity, surrounded by views of nature.

The H / Katarino chalet is more than a place. It’s an experience that combines the peace of rustic living with modern comforts, all set in the stunning Bulgarian landscape.

Photography courtesy of Makeroom Architect

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