Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm, designed by More Design Office, is an idyllic residence located in Chengdu, China.

Surrounded by pastoral landscapes of fertile fields and dense forests, this modern traditional building blends local cultural identities and natural materials to create a tranquil and pure space. Visitors can sprawl at ease across the sofa and feel how the seasons turn, or take part in leisure activities such as mahjong and tea-serving in a set of cups. With its casual touch of holidaying every day, Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm is a perfect place to connect to the part of who you are.

About Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm

Bringing Nature and Countryside Life to Life at Idyll Moment Farm

MDO’s new project, Idyll Moment Farm, situated in Chengdu (China), a city known for leisure and idleness, offers visitors the chance to reconnect with nature and the rustic and poetic life. Surrounded by pastoral landscapes of fertile fields and dense forests, the space is designed to harmoniously connect the indoors and outdoors, inviting visitors to explore the beauty of nature.

Incorporating Traditional Elements into Modern Design

MDO has taken inspiration from local artifacts and materials of the old dwellings in western Sichuan, such as window openings, conical hats, natural wood, and bamboo-plaited articles, to create a unique design. The rough-hewn utensils, dried branches, and rattan-plaited elements add country quality to the modern space, while curved corners and standing seam roofs with equal distance give tranquil idyllic charm.

Relaxing in Comfort with a View

MDO has focused on light and space, allowing visitors to soak up the casual touch of holidaying every day. The sofa is placed directly facing the outdoor garden, giving visitors the chance to relax in comfort and take in the ever-changing view of the external scenery. The multi-functional unit is also designed to represent local cultural identities in Chengdu, such as mahjong and tea served in a set of cups.

Bringing Pure Energy to Visitors

The intangible time seems to become visible within the reach, bringing a visual feast and a serene mind. MDO blends its perception of the environment, its studies on materials, its trials in localization, and its aesthetics of space into the pleasant nature, in an attempt to replenish pure energy and encourage visitors to find a way to connect to the part of who they are here. That leaves something to the imagination for nature and countryside life.

Photography by Zifeng Shi from Pianfang Studio

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