Hello you lovely people! Very long time no see…
Firstly, I want to thank all of you who checked in with me during my absence on the blog and on social media: it was truly appreciated ♥

I can’t believe it’s been more than two years since I last posted here or on Instagram/FB.
How did that happen, you might wonder? Well, life got in the way, as they say, followed by Covid-19 and a couple of other circumstances.

To cut a long story and endless deliberations short: all of the above made me decide to call it quits, which means “maRRose-CCC” will go off-line on November 30, 2022 (12:00 PM CET), and I will officially join my husband as retiree.

Of course I’m having mixed feelings about this – hence the “endless deliberations”.
When I started crocheting again in 2010 I never could have envisioned this being the starting point of a new career.
And more importantly: finding something that I would be so passionate about and that would make me so happy. Plus the beautiful bonuses of finding wonderful friends through my crafting adventures, as well as publishing TWO books, of which I’m incredibly proud: true joy and happiness!

Nonetheless, taking this decision feels like the right thing to do at this point in life.
Even though I haven’t shared anything recently, I have been crafting (a lot!), and I know I’ll continue to do so in the future. The plan is to fill you in through IG-posts, so if you want to see what I’ve been – and will be – up to, make sure to follow me there!

All this implicates that you have until November 30, 2022 to grab any (or all 😉 patterns – mostly free stuff) currently available on my site and save them to your device(s).
Some patterns will continue to be accessible after December 1, 2022, for instance through my books.
I have a few in my shop and most of the bookselling places like www.amazon.com (crochet book) remain a good resource as well.
It seems like my punch needle book is almost sold out. Luckily, I have about 20 left in my shop, and you can always buy the e-book (for instance here).
Craftkitchen is also a place where you can still find patterns designed by me – in a variety of crafts.

And how about the “Going out with a Bang-part, you ask? Let me explain.
When we moved house in May 2020, I donated the bigger part of my yarn and craft projects to goodwill.
However, I could not part with some of my creations that were particularly special to me.
Could not part with them yet… I should say.
With the closing of the website, it feels like the perfect time to let go of all those unique “maRRose” crochet cushions covers, shawls and punch needle projects.

So, I’m having a FIRE SALE!
During a limited period of time I’m selling some projects at deeply discounted prices.
On top of that I’m offering FREE SHIPPING (worldwide).
If you’ve always had your eye on a “maRRose-project”, now is the time!
The items you see here in this post are just a few of the items that are for sale…
Here is where you can shop: https://marrose-ccc.com/shop/!!

I’m ending this last blog post with a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you!
Your friendship and support have meant the world to me, which is something I’ll always treasure!

Marianne xx