Welcome to Glen Villa: ARRCC transforms a Cape Town treasure, perched at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain. This contemporary home, previously the vision of architect Antonio Zaninovic, now boasts ARRCC‘s signature enhancements—a new garden pavilion and an upgraded penthouse main suite.

Every change, from the enclosed wine room to the expansive terraced lawn, aims to merge crisp architectural lines with the rugged natural beauty of the mountainside, ensuring a breathtaking harmony between luxury living and the wild South African landscape.

About Glen Villa

Revitalizing Glen Villa: A Fusion of Nature and Modernity

ARRCC has reimagined a Cape Town home, nestled at the base of Table Mountain, injecting it with new vibrancy. The firm’s enhancements integrate flawlessly with Antonio Zaninovic’s original design, simultaneously forging a stronger bond with the natural setting and the city’s stunning vistas.

Elevated Living: The Garden Pavilion and Penthouse Suite

Significantly, ARRCC replaced a modest open structure with a new garden pavilion. They also transformed and expanded an upper-level bedroom into a luxurious penthouse suite. Throughout the main house, ARRCC reenvisioned the interiors, introducing an enclosed wine room. Furthermore, they crafted an expansive terraced lawn, enveloping the home in greenery.

Harmonious Design: Inside Meets Outside

ARRCC’s vision was to blend the home’s sleek, contemporary lines with the raw beauty of the mountainside. This commitment to harmony ensures that every element of Glen Villa celebrates the fusion of human ingenuity with the splendor of the South African landscape.

Photography by Adam Letch


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