GKT Bodrum House is a luxury residence located in Muğla, Turkey, designed by Beril Khalaf Interiors.


Designed by Beril Khalaf Interiors in Yalıkavak, GKT Bodrum House was aimed to provide peace and tranquility by creating spacious and open spaces.

GKT Bodrum House is a beautiful stone house in Yalıkavak, Bodrum on a land of about four dunam which is equivalent to one acre, a building structure of ​​470 m2 that was built in 2008. A three storey stone-covered house sitting on the mountains, built with local stone called Çilek Stone, found only in Bodrum.

The living room is located on the main floor, and the master bedroom on the top floor, the house has high arched ceilings, guests would realize how spacious it is while walking inside, this spaciousness provides peace and tranquility. The open kitchen, guest room, and living room are located on the main floor of the house. The guest room on this floor has an extension of 30 square meters terrace, where guests would be hosted, and it has a sea view of Bodrum. On this terrace, there is a wood fire pit positioned in the middle of the seating arrangement to enjoy the view in any season, warm or cold. Also, this terrace is equipped with a home theater set up for outdoor movie nights. In parallel to this terrace, outside of the main living room, there is another terrace designed as a comfortable living space. This area has been designed with pergola and has been made suitable for summer and winter use too.

On the ground floor of the house, there are two children’s rooms and two guest rooms. The children’s rooms on this floor have a direct access to the lower-level garden that’s full of fruit trees and a playground. After entering from the main gate, on the right side there’s a small house for the staff, that includes bedrooms, dining area, full kitchen with an outdoor stone oven, and bathrooms.

Adjusting a minor part of the original structure of the house, openings were made in the walls to allow for more sunlight and installed insulated windows to keep the internal climate under control. Since it is a summer house, materials that are easy to clean and water-resistant surfaces were used on the house. Also, decorative plaster for the walls, and micro-concrete for the floor were used to give a summer house ambiance.

The property owners are energy conscious and aware of the energy problems the world is having; a complete solar system was installed in the house to supply all the energy needed from the sun, making it a green energy house that’s environment friendly. Located on a mountain, there are seating areas with different concepts at different levels on the land. The sun can be enjoyed by the pool, also a cup coffee can be enjoyed in a cooler area under the olive trees.

Photography courtesy of Beril Khalaf Interiors

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