Let’s agree that the garage door is a large part of your house’s exterior design. The good thing is that they have come a long way from the repetitive and monotonous design choices. So, you can take inspiration from some fantastic and eye-pleasing exterior design ideas by the door repair company Door Helper to add instant beauty to your surroundings and significantly boost your house’s curb appeal.

So, whether you want a garage door with more “character” or one with relaxing and simple colors, your choice has no limitations. Here, we will look through your favorite design ideas when renovating your garage door.

Modern and Contemporary

Modern and contemporary styles typically feature large windows, clean lines, and various materials. In modern homes, you can see a lot of aluminum and glass. And the best way to bring it out to the garage doors is to use the same architecture and materials.

One such contemporary and elegant example is the Modern Aluminum collection. Here, you will see the flat surfaces and straight lines instead of the wood grain texture. In addition, the details and minor elements of the modern style are also subtle and sleek. And as it has to do with defined structure, It’s not so much about color choice.

Carriage Home Style

The next most beloved choice is the Carriage House Style. This style appeals to a wide range of people as it features the most traditional look. Thus, if you are after a design that provides rustic allure with perfect adaptability, then this style is what you need.

When it comes to design, you can choose between a painted or stained finish. Based on your home’s overall style, paint works well with siding, while a stain can compliment brick exteriors.

In addition, Home is also an excellent option for homeowners who want something refreshing but don’t quite like too much boldness. The neutral and subtle color tones can serve as a seamless transition to the new design. Plus, the wood grain texture is known to be long-lasting and enticing.


Garage doors with industrial style mostly tend to mimic the look and design of commercial doors. In most cases, they are entirely made of traditional steel and don’t have windows.

This style is pretty exquisite. However, for industrial garage doors, the key focus is on function and durability. It delivers upper-limit strength, and its flexibility goes well with modern homes. Like the Contemporary Aluminum collection, the style of industrial doors is more about functionality than color shades. It features natural metal tones and rough textures.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel garage doors are also often referred to as classic doors. It is because this style is the most preferred among homeowners. These doors are made from fiberglass or steel, which are resilient and require little maintenance.
When you explore this style option, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how many design solutions and colors of raised panel garage doors are presented. Some of the most popular style homes that perfectly blend with such doors include Tudor, Colonial, and Victorian.

Color-Filled Door Design

For people who like color splashes and colorful tones, the garage door can be a perfect option to make an impression. It’s the most suitable place to add radiance without destroying the overall look of your house. And this while keeping your home’s curb appeal in mind.

There are a few ideas you can consider when adding color to your door design. It can be either offering some harmonizing contrast or matching the style of your house. The color wheel is the best point to begin when making the most suitable choice.

In addition, don’t overlook the power of white while picking the right color. The brightness of the white color successfully sparks interest and attracts attention, yet it’s elegant and sophisticated enough not to be disturbing. This color goes well with any house design and every garage door style, including contemporary and classic looks.

The Key is The Customization

No matter which design style and color palette you choose for your garage door design, the most crucial thing is to blend it well with your home and surroundings. What’s the point of your garage looking stylish and colorful when it doesn’t match your home’s feel and atmosphere?

So, the key to a harmonized and satisfying overall look is customization. Just follow your general preferences, consider existing details, consider the color gamma, and all these while not ignoring the functionality and durability of your future garage door.

If this is not something you are good at, hire a professional designer who will give a custom touch to your exterior, considering your home’s style and personal preferences.

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