In the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, renowned for its picturesque botanical gardens, Sence Architects introduces “Garden”—a residential complex that artfully marries capsule coziness with restrained brutality.

This industrial-style haven is accentuated by panoramic glazing, offering residents unparalleled vistas. The masterful blend of concrete, ceramic block, and vintage wood textures sets the stage for a theatrical ambiance, heightened by precise directional lighting.

About Garden

Captivating Facade of the Kyiv Clubhouse

Located in a prime spot, the new Kyiv clubhouse boasts a breathtaking facade. The architects, considering the unparalleled location, ensured residents could fully immerse themselves in views of the botanical garden and its scenic surroundings. Consequently, the building features panoramic floor-to-ceiling glazing. Furthermore, it showcases expansive window openings. Importantly, these windows are both reliable and double-glazed, offering additional lamination for durability.

Artistry in Material Contrast

At its core, the design emphasizes a stark contrast. The rugged textures of concrete, ceramic block, and vintage wood juxtapose beautifully against the precision of a single, solid hue. Moreover, warm directional lighting intensifies this design approach. Specifically, the architects opted for lighting with an incredibly narrow scattering angle, producing a theatrical-concert ambiance.

Photography courtesy of Sence Architects

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