Flat for a Young Couple is a warm modern apartment located in Čadca, Slovakia, designed by Nebojsa Architekta.


In the entrance hall we designed an airy small seating with coat rack and atypical mirror. A large built-in wardrobe will be used for everything necessary for household maintenance. This wardrobe is designed in such a way that it connects the entrance hall with the living area and the kitchen, and thus has a different function on each side.

The cabinet part has a bookcase in it from the living room side, followed by a food cupboard with internal drawers. The narrow strip under the transom was created only as an aesthetic element that covers the column and thus has no other function. In this case, however, it ensures a smooth transition of the design of the entire assembly without interruption. This is followed by the built-in fridge and the whole assembly is completed by the tower with built-in oven and microwave. The cabinetry is all designed in a subtle wood-grain finish, setting it apart from the rest of the kitchen, which is connected to this piece.

We designed the kitchen itself to be minimalistic, without handles and in soft warm colours. It houses all the necessary equipment in terms of appliances. We have laid out the storage space as functionally as possible for our client’s needs.

We also incorporated a generous home office space into the living area at our client’s request. We separated it from the kitchen area with a slatted wall, which serves primarily to visually divide the space. We redesigned the desk so that it flows seamlessly into the living room wall. We carried over the colours used in the kitchen and added a subtle marble decor to the TV screen, which has the primary function of hiding the TV cabling.

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