FDA House is a minimalist urban haven designed by Adi Wainberg of Arbejazz Studio, nestled in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel.

This tailor-made home reflects the unique needs of its residents while celebrating two decades of row house villa design. Experience a fresh take on family living in this innovative and adaptable space.

About FDA House

Two Decades of Innovation: Redefining Row House Villas

Celebrating 20 years of designing innovative row house villas in this neighborhood, each project brings fresh and new ideas to the table.

Tackling Design Challenges: Light, Air, and Circulation

Designing within the constraints of narrow, long row houses and municipal restrictions (such as mandatory sloped roofs) raises formal questions about handling light, air, and circulation.

Redefining Family Living: Exploring Customized Solutions

Building a new home is a rare experience for most families, often happening only once or twice in a lifetime. Although various family dwelling prototypes exist, and people visit and inhabit what they believe is ideal, architects can question and analyze the specific needs of a family in today’s evolving social, health, and family structures. By doing so, they can introduce fresh, new ideas to the concept of family living.

Tailor-Made Beauty: Crafting Site and Program-Specific Designs

Architects should approach each project with fresh and open ideas, striving to be site and program-specific in the most efficient and minimalistic way. The resulting beauty is a byproduct of this journey and, therefore, tailor-made for each family.

Photography by Shai Epstein

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