In the heart of Cuneo, Italy, where the past breathes through the cobblestone streets and baroque architecture, the historical Palazzo Rubatti di Torricella unveils its latest transformation. Barbara Vucusa, renowned for blending historical reverence with modern comfort, has reinvented an apartment within this 17th-century palace. Aptly named Erika, this redesign in 2021 invites residents to step back in time while enjoying contemporary luxuries.

Through thoughtful restoration, the apartment’s noble floor reveals its original grandeur, from rediscovered 18th-century frescoes to custom-designed furniture that bridges the essence of aristocracy with the ease of modern living.

About Erika

Historic Elegance Meets Modern Design

Architect F. Gallo masterfully built Palazzo Rubatti di Torricella in Cuneo’s historic center during the mid-17th century. Today, this noble flat stands restored, boasting both its original grandeur and modern functionality.

Reviving the Past

The design team skillfully dismantled the 1970s alterations to reveal 18th-century frescoes, now meticulously returned to their authentic splendor. The resin floor, embedded with natural aggregates, mirrors the historic grit, creating harmony with the vaulted frescoes without overshadowing them.

Seamless Living Spaces

Upon entry, the living room greets guests with its plush sofa and carefully chosen textiles, setting a tone of aristocratic elegance. Tailor-made kitchen and dining areas blend seamlessly, each maintaining its distinct function while contributing to the apartment’s luxurious feel.

A Blend of Opulence and Minimalism

Bespoke furniture pieces, featuring clean lines, juxtapose with the robust, luxurious designs of Kartell and Cattelan pieces. These elements, together with integrated, decorative lighting, strike a perfect balance, accentuating the living spaces without overwhelming them.

Intimate and Artistic Touches

The bedroom’s unique layout divides it into a triad: a restful bed space, a concealed walk-in wardrobe, and a private bath, complete with an elegant freestanding tub. Artful wood paneling and strategic lighting frame the living area, while contemporary art adds a touch of modernity to the historic ambiance. In the guest bathroom, designed resin elements and backlit mirrors create a space that’s both strong and delicate, amplifying the room’s character.

With every room crafted as a blend of historical context and contemporary living, the flat invites residents to indulge in a lifestyle of bygone luxury with all the comforts of the modern age.

Photography by Marco Tacchini

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