In Salt Lake City’s serene suburbs, Emigration Creek Residence stands as a modern marvel by Sparano + Mooney Architecture, offering a symphony of natural sounds and robust safety against nature’s unpredictability.

Designed with precision to honor the adjacent Emigration Creek and the seismic whispers of the Wasatch Fault, this residence merges sustainability with luxury. High-end finishes and cutting-edge technology, including a solar panel array and Tesla batteries, round out this home’s appeal, making it a modern sanctuary amidst Utah’s captivating landscape.

About Emigration Creek Residence

Nature’s Echo in Architecture

In the tranquil suburbs of Salt Lake City, the Emigration Creek Residence stands out. Perfectly situated on the Wasatch mountain range’s east side, the home harmoniously integrates with the murmurs of the adjacent Emigration Creek. Moreover, the design’s “L” shape not only frames the creek’s views but also ensures resilience against seismic events.

Sturdy Yet Elegant Design

Adjacent to the property, the Wasatch Fault’s presence significantly shaped the architectural approach. Consequently, the structure features a deliberate shift in volume that cleverly delineates public and private spaces. Additionally, the home’s construction standards are as stringent as those for schools or hospitals, making it a sanctuary in times of natural upheaval.

Harmony of Form and Function

On the exterior, vertical board-form concrete lays a strong foundation, while Kebony wood cladding above creates visual continuity. Furthermore, the alignment of materials is not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. The residence prides itself on its green credentials, boasting an 8 KW solar array and dual Tesla wall batteries, reinforcing the home’s self-sufficiency.

Internally, the house displays art from Helper, Utah, signaling an appreciation for emerging artistic hubs. Additionally, high-end Sub-Zero appliances equip the kitchen, merging luxury with practicality. Each design choice underlines a deep commitment to excellence, ensuring that the residence is not just built but crafted with intention.

Photography by Matt Winquist, Lucy Call

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