Explore Eden Villa in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a 2017 masterpiece by DQV.Architects. This modern house marries privacy with nature, offering a retreat for a large family. Spanning three floors, it features an innovative ‘close-outside-open-inside’ design.

The ground floor unites living, dining, and library areas, while the first floor hosts three bedrooms encircling a communal entertainment space. At its core is a sunlit indoor garden, with large sliding windows and timber screens enhancing light and air flow. The second-floor master bedroom overlooks an internal balcony, offering a serene escape. Materials like rough stone, timber, and porcelain highlight the villa’s simplistic elegance and natural harmony.

About Eden Villa

Project Aim: Merging Privacy with Nature

The core aim of Eden Villa focused on minimizing social interaction while maximizing contact with nature. The owners envisioned the house as a private gathering place for their large family, not as a venue for hosting guests. They desired no strong connection with the neighborhood.

Architectural Concept: Close-Outside, Open-Inside

DQV.Architects tackled this challenge with a unique concept: closed to the outside world, yet open and welcoming inside. This approach ensures natural light and ventilation flow freely throughout the home.

The villa spans three floors. The open-plan ground floor connects the living room, dining room, and library. Meanwhile, the first floor houses three bedrooms, linked by a transitional space for evening entertainment. The architects strategically positioned closed spaces to leave the central area open and airy.

Central Void: The Heart of the Home

Aiming to bring the outdoors in, the architects designed the villa around a central void, akin to an indoor garden. This void, the heart of the home, draws sunlight into every room. Stairs lead from the ground floor to this luminous space, surrounded by bedrooms. This layout not only merges the indoor and outdoor realms but also connects the different floors through light and space. Sliding windows and timber screens throughout the house allow for adjustable lighting and privacy.

Positioned on the second floor, the master bedroom overlooks an internal balcony, envisioned as a private yard complete with timber screens. This design enables the owners to tailor their experience of light and privacy.

Eden Villa returns to the basics: simplicity, clean lines, and natural materials. Choices like rough stone, timber, and plain porcelain create a striking contrast between raw textures and the sleek interior design. This juxtaposition enhances the villa’s appeal, perfectly embodying the fusion of modern design with natural elements.

Photography courtesy of DQV.Architects

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