Discover the Locke at East Side Gallery, a transformative 176-room hotel designed by Grzywinski+Pons, nestled in Berlin’s historic Friedrichshain neighborhood. Adjacent to the iconic Berlin Wall, now a vibrant canvas for international art, this hotel embodies a unique fusion of industrial and green design.

Embracing Berlin’s spirit of unity and creativity, the hotel boasts inviting spaces including a café, bar, lounge, and co-working areas. Its architecture skillfully navigates the dichotomy between public and private realms, echoing the city’s dynamic energy and the peaceful River Spree.

About East Side Gallery Berlin

Revitalizing History at Locke at East Side Gallery

Grzywinski+Pons designed the 176-room Locke at East Side Gallery, a unique hotel with diverse spaces including a café, bar, lounge, and co-working areas. Located in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood, it stands as a beacon of architectural innovation. This hotel marks a significant transformation of the Berlin Wall’s longest surviving section. Once a symbol of repression, it now serves as a canvas for international artists, celebrating freedom and creativity.

Blending Public and Private Spaces

In this project, Grzywinski+Pons masterfully balance the public and private realms. They conceived the hotel as a liminal space, fostering exchanges and crossroads for ideas. This design interrogates the dynamic interplay between different elements: public versus private, residents and guests, art and commerce, and the contrasting atmospheres of Friedrichschain and Kreuzberg. The ground floor, encompassing most public spaces, connects Muhlenstrasse with the River Spree. It maintains visibility and access, creating an inviting and transparent environment.

Innovative Design and Material Use

Grzywinski+Pons employed a unique material hierarchy in designing the social spaces. Exterior walls feature full glazing or exposed structural concrete, with lofty ceilings and monochrome services. Locally-sourced bricks form built-in seating and planters, creating an industrially chic ambiance. The design also introduces softer elements, such as fluted demi-walls and ombre curtains, to organize the space harmoniously. They further enhance the guest experience with silvery-sage high pile rugs, rattan screens, ultrasuede upholstery, and rustic ceramics, complemented by verdant vegetation and soft task lighting.

In the guest rooms, the design focuses on tranquility and privacy. The building’s linear plan offers diverse views: vibrant cityscapes to the north and the serene River Spree to the south. Rooms feature a multi-functional timber paneling wall, integrating various amenities. A unique kiln-formed glass panel, reminiscent of the Spree River, leads to the contemplative space of the bathroom, completing the thoughtful design narrative.

Photography by Nicholas Worley

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