Earthship is a stunning single-family residence in Mosman Park, Australia, designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects in 2023. This architectural marvel showcases adaptive reuse and embraces a strong connection with the environment, transforming a pole house into a sustainable dwelling that coexists harmoniously with nature.

Explore Earthship’s unique features such as rammed earth walls, nautical-inspired tiered terraces, and magnificent views, all while experiencing the warmth and comfort of this beautifully designed home.

About Earthship

Connecting with the Environment

Earthship, designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, exemplifies the adaptive reuse architectural style, combining natural and upcycled materials to create sustainable, off-grid dwellings. The project revitalizes an existing home, transforming its original drilling platform design to create a strong connection with the surrounding craggy, precipitous landscape.

From Pole Houses to Earthship

Luigi Rosselli has never been a fan of pole houses, which deny contact and symbiosis with the natural habitat. To create a more grounded design, Earthship adds two additional stories below the existing two stories, establishing a direct link to the garden.

A Welcoming Approach

Visitors to Earthship approach from above, navigating a steep driveway before reaching a level, landscaped courtyard. The rammed earth walls, reminiscent of the famous Casa Malaparte villa, guide guests to the front entry porch of the house.

Cascading Staircase and Spacious Levels

Once inside, visitors encounter a linear staircase cascading down to the various levels of the house. A large skylight allows natural light to flow through each story. The descent leads to the main living-dining-kitchen area, followed by the lower floors housing a guest bedroom, sunroom, and gym.

Tiered Nautical-Inspired Decks

Each floor features a generous balcony, creating a succession of nautical-inspired tiered terrace decks softened by surrounding trees and vegetation. Earthship’s earthy design is more grounded compared to Luigi Rosselli Architects’ first major project, Cottage Point House.

Successful Collaboration

Earthship is a testament to the collaboration between Project Architect Nicola Ghirardi, Interior Designer Romaine Alwill, and Landscaper Will Dangar, resulting in a warm and comfortable dwelling for its inhabitants.

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

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