Experience a blend of heritage charm and contemporary innovation with Dutch Gable House, a finalist in the Australian Interior Design Awards 2020. Located in picturesque Australia, this home reimagines the traditional through the visionary eyes of Austin Design Associates.

The house artfully combines striking elements like Titanium Granite and Cote D’Azur marble with bold interior transformations and clever use of space, crafting a unique sanctuary that tells a story of both history and modern design.

About Dutch Gable House

Austin Design Associates: Pioneers in Residential Interior Design

Austin Design Associates, a residential interior design practice, excels in space planning, custom joinery, bespoke contemporary design, and respectful renovations to heritage properties.

Dutch Gable House: A Fusion of History and Modernity

Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2020, Dutch Gable House represents a sophisticated renovation. This endeavor flawlessly blends the architectural elements of the historic dwelling with contemporary design principles.

Influence of Exterior Aesthetics on Interior Design

The dramatic, bold transformation of the interior draws direct inspiration from the distinctive traits of the facade.

Creating Space for Entertainment

To form a proportionate entertainment area, a modern extension, nestled between the house’s two primary living spaces, was proposed. Outfitted with continuous steel windows and doors, the extension optimizes light influx and offers unrivaled garden views.

Material Selection: A Blend of Bold and Interesting

Our adventurous clients were receptive to the exploration of bold and intriguing materials, particularly Titanium Granite and Cote D’Azur marble. The design, therefore, adopted an added layer of dimension with textured elements like timber battens and double herringbone oak floors.

Integrated Custom Joinery: Showcasing Lifelong Treasures

Weaved into the design was custom joinery, a key feature accommodating the clients’ desire to display cherished collections gathered during years of overseas travel.

Photography by Derek Swalwell

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