Duplex Penthouse in Barcelona, Spain, is a Mediterranean-style home designed in 2020 by Atelier Du Pont.


The apartment is located in the residential area of ​​Les Tres Torres, in Barcelona. The duplex apartment dates from the 1970s. On the upper levels under the attic, it benefits from both a large peripheral terrace on the first level and four small balconies, integrated into the volume of the sloping roof just above. The view of the Sagrada Familia is breathtaking.

The choice here was to sublimate the Catalan and Mediterranean atmosphere of the place in a certain warm modernity. A palette of soft and delicate colors was chosen to add volume to the rather low-ceilinged spaces. The subtle nuances between the colors of the walls and the ceilings are enhanced by the light provided by the bay windows.

The furniture and materials used contribute to the warm appearance desired for this Barcelona penthouse. Everything is designed with a Mediterranean feeling in mind: from the furniture with pure and curved lines to organic shapes, from the rounded walls to natural materials such as light wood, terracotta tiles, marble or travertine. Local materials that find their place facing the sea and the arrows drawn by Gaudí.

Photography by Vincent Leroux

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