Domvs House in Rome, Italy, is a modern tribute to the city’s ancient splendor. Crafted by 02A Studio in 2022, this apartment is a marvel of functionality and familiarity.

Overlooking the historical remnants of Emperor Nero’s urban villa, it sits in the esteemed Colle Oppio area. Inside, the early 20th-century space transforms with bespoke craftsmanship, from the master bedroom with its corridor of wardrobes leading to a private bath, to the custom kitchen. Luxurious yet understated, the bathrooms boast artisanal finishes, and even the corridor shines with hand-painted cabinetry in powder blue, complemented by hand-smoothed solid parquet floors with radiant heating and cooling beneath.

About Domvs House

Colle Oppio: A Nod to Nero’s Legacy

Situated in Colle Oppio, this location not only boasts but also celebrates the panoramic views of Emperor Nero’s ancient villa. Here, we’ve meticulously revitalized an apartment from the early century, harmoniously blending modern functionality with a welcoming sense of home.

Elegance in the Master Bedroom

A wardrobe-lined corridor gracefully leads to the en-suite bathroom. Moreover, a sizable sliding panel thoughtfully provides privacy, separating the study from the sleeping area as needed.

Culinary Craftsmanship in the Kitchen

Expertly crafted by @EugenioStichelli, the kitchen eschews upper cabinets for a streamlined look, complemented by three storage columns. At the heart, a central island with an integrated stove encourages a fluid, engaging culinary experience.

Furthermore, Capraia stone slabs grace the countertops and backsplashes, infusing the space with an opulent touch.

Bathrooms: A Study in Subdued Luxury

The two bathrooms excel in both spatial and chromatic harmony, designed with a luxurious yet understated intent. Additionally, the artisanal quality of the glazed terracotta, bespoke glass showers, fine woodworking, and stainless steel fixtures enrich the environment with a natural, essential elegance.

A Corridor of Function and Beauty

Along the corridor, powder blue cabinetry (Grey Stone by @littlegreenepaintcompany) elegantly extends, with hand-painted doors that cleverly conceal the entrances to the bedroom and bathroom. Beneath this, the hand-finished solid parquet flooring subtly incorporates a state-of-the-art radiant heating and cooling system.

Photography by 02A Studio

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