Step into the world of Domus Damero in Madrid, Spain, a visionary creation by Jesús Donaire. This 2023-built, two-story house marries minimalist elegance with functional design.

Set on a unique rhomboidal plot, its golden concrete structure and rectangular base optimize space while blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The design, featuring a checkerboard of voids and double-height spaces, ensures natural light dances through each room. Sustainability is key, with energy-efficient features like solar panels and an aerothermal system, making it a model of modern, eco-friendly living.

About Domus Damero

Discover Domus Damero’s Design

Domus Damero shines with its golden walls and smart shape. It fits perfectly in its corner spot, using every bit of space well. The house has a unique pattern that makes it look different from every side. Inside, the high ceiling in the main room makes it feel open and spacious.

Inside and Outside Flow Together

Each corner of Domus Damero’s first floor has a special feel, thanks to the way it faces. Big windows that hide in the walls turn these corners into cozy porches. This smart design links the inside of the house with the outside smoothly. Upstairs, the bedrooms sit in each corner, each with its own nice view, following the sun’s path.

The house uses white concrete and wooden patterns for its structure. This makes the corners on the first floor stand out. Floors made of a special stone stretch from inside the house to the outside, making it feel bigger and more open. In the middle of the house, there’s a staircase, an elevator, and important parts that connect all three floors.

Green and Clean Living

Domus Damero isn’t just pretty; it’s also green. Solar panels help run the house without using much energy. This makes the house good for the environment, mixing cool design with care for the planet.

Photography by Montse Zamorano

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