DLA Piper, an international law firm with 4,200 lawyers in more than 40 countries, recently upgraded and refreshed their office located in the Hegyvidék Momentum Office Building in Budapest, Hungary.

This office space, designed by MádiLáncos Studio, features modern and attractive interior design elements that effectively support the new flexible working patterns and pay special attention to the needs of employees. The team at MádiLáncos Studio have also incorporated biophilia and green islands of plants in their design that not only improve the air quality, but also add a beautiful interior design element to the space.

What’s more, the office building offers a stunning view of the Buda hills, an iconic landmark in Budapest.

About DLA Piper

Creating Attractive Alternatives to Remote Working: MádiLáncos Studio Transforms DLA Piper Office

International law firm DLA Piper is one of the world’s largest, with 4,200 lawyers in more than 40 countries. When the pandemic hit, the firm’s managers sought to support their staff’s return to the office and tasked MádiLáncos Studio with the interior design and project management of their new office to be responsive, innovative and community-building.

The First Phase: Revamping Community Spaces

The initial phase of the project included the complete renewal of the community spaces in the Hegyvidék Momentum Office Building in Budapest, Hungary. MádiLáncos’ designers paid close attention to the needs of the staff, developing informal meeting points and collaborative spaces for a lighter atmosphere and a modern environment for colleagues to work together.

Design Elements for a Modern, Attractive Office

The interior design of the new office was carried out by MádiLáncos Studio and executed by the general contractor Fitout zrt, on time and within budget. Employees of the international law firm can now enjoy green and stunning community spaces with spectacular design elements, including a rocking-chair relaxation corner, RS Barcelona’s design-ping-pong meeting table and a telephone booth, as well as free-to-use touch-down workstations (low tables for longer and high tables for shorter periods of time), a private meeting room, a private project room, an open meeting room and lounge area, and a new work café.

Biophilia: A Key Aspect of the Design

Biophilia was a key focus of the design, with green islands of plants not only improving air quality, but also providing a beautiful interior design element to the open, large space. The green islands were embedded in a raised floor, which also contained the irrigation system and special lighting for the mostly tropical, hydroponic plants. Grofie was MádiLáncos’ partner in green solutions.

The Effects of the Design on the Workplace

The complex aim, which continues with the office and workstation refurbishments now in the second phase, was to make the workplace more attractive, increase work efficiency and motivate people to work in the office after working remotely. Initial feedback suggests that the client’s objectives have been achieved, providing an attractive alternative to working remotely. The new office space of DLA Piper also makes the most of the location, with its ribbon window system providing a view of the Buda hills.

The collaboration between DLA Piper and MádiLáncos Studio will continue in the second phase of the project, based on the lessons learned in the first phase. The goal is to create attractive alternatives to forms of work for everyone who follows traditional working patterns, while introducing new ways for the DLA Piper community to spend time together in the office space.

Photography courtesy of Madilancos Studio

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