Located in the historical part of Lviv, Ukraine, Ostannya Barykada Lviv is a unique restaurant with a rich history. Developed by Loft Buro and sponsored by the Dmytro Borisov Family of Restaurants, this gastronomic and artistic space is a modern interpretation of a Ukrainian design identity that pays homage to the city’s 72-year period as part of the Soviet Union.

The interior features unique artifacts from Ukrainian artists, dynamic barstools that move through an underground tunnel, and more, making Ostannya Barykada Lviv a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the culture and history of Lviv.

About Ostannya Barykada Lviv

For almost a year, Ostannya Barykada Lviv has been a gastronomic and artistic space in the historical part of the city, a continuation of our cooperation with the “Dmytro Borisov Family of Restaurants,” a new interpretation of the first of these establishments, which has been a hallmark of Kyiv for eight years.

Our Work Begins

Work on the project began at the end of 2021, even amidst the war. We and our contractor partners held our breath and assembled our teams in almost destroyed factories and remote offices, united by the continuation of the history of Ukrainian design “OB,” this time in Lviv.

A Memorable Location

One of the features of this space is its integration into iconic places with a long history. In Kyiv, it was the oldest and last barricade of the people of Kyiv – Lyadsky Vorota; and in Lviv, the space is “hidden” in Kraizerivska (Kralivska) Kamianitsa (built in the 16th century and named after the then-Lviv mayor Stanislav Kraizer). This building was sold and rebuilt many times until the “Under Hope” bookstore opened in 1864 and Taras Shevchenko’s “Kobzar” appeared for the first time in Lviv. In the 1960s and 1970s, the popular restaurant “Under the Lion” was located on the first floor.

The OB Concept

“OB” in Lviv is an institution-museum of modern Ukrainian music, a restaurant with Ukrainian design, gastronomy, and alcohol. This interior was taken from the combination of elements of Ukrainian design identity with signs, materials, and legends against the background of a robust historical environment – all inspired by the Ukrainians’ defense of their identity.

Interior Design

One of our main tasks was to harmoniously fit the establishment into the architecture of the old tenement house and complement the interior with new elements without overloading them. Several details of the Kyiv institution, which have become recognizable, were given an interpretation in Lviv.

Symbols of Ukrainian Identity

The walls of the hall near the main entrance are decorated with casts of 72 human hands. These hands symbolize the 72 years Ukraine spent as part of the Soviet Union. Guests are invited to guess which hand to shake and leave behind all the others as they enter the hall, which is full of symbols.

Every detail in the interior, from stone walls to furniture, is Ukrainian. Carpets with national motifs, poppies embroidered on metal, and artifacts from Ukrainian artists such as Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Andriy Khlyvniuk, Zhenya Halych, Jamala, and Onuka are just some of the defining accents in the interior. It took more than 10 km (6.2 miles) of thread for the carpets to be woven by Ukrainian craftsmen.

Dynamic Bar Stools

The most unique feature of Ostannya Barykada Lviv is the dynamic bar stools that move through an underground tunnel. These were developed specifically for the “OB” project.

Photography by Mykola Korsun

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