Experience the luxury and modern design of Miyue·Tuscany Seaview Resort, located in Shenzhen, China. Designed by G&S Design, this hotel offers guests a serene and peaceful atmosphere while providing a stunning view of the Shenzhen skyline. With its comfortable accommodations and modern luxury design, Miyue·Tuscany Seaview Resort is the perfect place to stay for a relaxing getaway.

About Miyue·Tuscany Seaview Resort

Designing is a creative process of constructing a structure with an image in the mind of the recipient. The material is not just a physical imitation, but also the wealth of memories it evokes. Design highlights the subtle difference between memory and reality. Fukasawa Naoto said. As an emerging internet celebrity homestay in China, Miyue Meisu provides different region vacationers with more choices – from architecture to tranquil gardens, as well as the sea and sky horizons, offering a new life form to the dynamic city of Shenzhen.

The spiritual perception of resortism is to utilize design to bring more fields and emotions to the experiencer. The designer maintained the original shape of the building in accordance with the surrounding environment. The two-storey building is concealed under the palm trees, making the house seem “planted” in nature.

The stone path and the functionally well-planned leisure area create the order of the courtyard, similar to an abstract painting, simple and orderly. This is a reflection of the contemporary design’s emphasis on the harmonious co-existence with nature.

When the building’s rhythm harmoniously merges with nature, time-axis transformation creates a symphony of sun, beach, and overall design—all of which coalesce into a tranquil expression. Design is not just about environment and color, but about understanding how people feel about them. Studying feeling is a key topic in design, and observing how people feel about space and objects will provide design with a new direction.

The connection between indoor and outdoor is the core of this project’s design, and the outdoor natural landscape is maximally introduced into the interior through the ‘borrowing scenery’ method, breaking boundaries. Under the curved log ceiling, the Mediterranean style is combined with the calm tones of antique furniture, providing the occupants with a social field that reflects their taste.

A living space is not designed as per the designer’s ideal. The ideal style of living is naturally nurtured in the nourishment of time. One of the designers’ aims is to make sure that every guest who visits the space feels the ease and comfort of the space and finds a lifestyle that suits them.

A space with simple and peaceful vibes can achieve harmony with nature. The tranquility of each utensil in the elegant time makes the taste and thought more charming. A stylized design that pursues the ultimate in simplicity, it is a philosophical thought, value, and lifestyle pursued by contemporary young people.

This space consists of an art of living that is composed of simplicity and love for nature. Through the collision of natural colors and original textures, the roughness and delicacy are balanced perfectly. Every piece of natural art that has been polished by time is like a subtle musical note, accompanied by the transformation of light and shadow, showing the original and simple beauty, and also releasing an exotic style.

Unlike the soft decoration display of ordinary guest rooms, the team conducted precise research and analysis on the positioning group of the brand at the start of the design. Each soft furnishing is carefully selected to give the space a unique character and atmosphere, adding a strong and fresh atmosphere of vacation life.

The wood color of this space is simple, pure, and exquisite, with an original texture that echoes the environment and warmly soothes the wandering soul of every traveler. The world is full of romance, and the best realm is rich and quiet, which is the emotional perception the designer wanted to impart on the space.

For those living in the city, a good space is like a mirror, reflecting the desires of travelers. The design of this space not only considers aesthetics and function, but also emphasizes the sustainable concept of respecting ecology and nature, forming an outlet for the local culture of the city and allowing occupants to experience the most authentic and pure romantic atmosphere.

This space is a typical combination of modern idealism and exotic romanticism. While meeting functional requirements, the “flowing space” design method is used to integrate the space with nature, providing an extended visual experience and a very comfortable atmosphere for the occupants.

The room uses a lot of overlapping and white space to create a larger feeling, and connects the windows to the outside scenery through an arc-shaped curve, giving the experience of being in an exotic natural setting.

Photography by Ao Xiang

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