In the heart of Bagno a Ripoli, Italy—a stone’s throw from the illustrious city of Florence — Casa F&V emerges as a masterful blend of traditional charm and modern elegance.

Designed by the renowned Archiplanstudio in 2023, this historic farmhouse combines elemental geometries and abstract materials to craft a spiritual oasis, harmoniously tethered to the panoramic vistas of its sprawling garden.

About Casa F&V

Reviving Historical Beauty

Set in a vast, panoramic garden overlooking Florence, this project breathes new life into a historic farmhouse. Its elemental volumes and geometric simplicity captivate the beholder.

A Fusion of Material and Spirit

Harnessing sensual and abstract materials, we’ve amplified the building’s innate simplicity and spiritual aura.

Intuitive Interior Choices

The chosen furnishings respect each space’s unique qualities. More importantly, they resonate with the essence of the locale, ensuring a harmonious living experience.

Photography by Nicolò Panzeri

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