Apartment CV in Avilés, Spain, receives a stunning transformation by David Olmos Arquitectos. Located near the city’s historic heart, this apartment’s redesign showcases a spacious living area, a versatile multi-use room, and an open-plan kitchen with dining space. The renovation skillfully combines oak wood, olive green, and white to create a harmonious balance of style and practicality.

About Apartment CV

Revitalizing Apartment CV in Avilés

In the bustling heart of Avilés, Asturias, we transformed a 112 square meter (1205.56 square feet) apartment. This space, originally segmented and elongated, sits in a community living area adjacent to the historic district. We aimed for a comprehensive redesign to enhance its layout and functionality.

Creative Space Reconfiguration

Surrounding the south-facing main facade, we opened up the living room and two bedrooms. Additionally, we placed the kitchen, a small dining area, and a room facing a light well. Initially, these areas were quite distant, connected only by a lengthy corridor. This corridor also led to a general bathroom and a small lavatory. However, our redesign unified these spaces, transforming the corridor into a functional storage area and a transitional space between rooms. We also altered its path to enlarge the lavatory and conceal the building’s pillar structures.

The south-facing areas now feature a large living room with a work zone, supported by a sizeable shelving unit. This unit cleverly doubles as a divider for a multi-purpose room, adaptable as an occasional bedroom, gym, or reading area. In contrast, the kitchen and dining spaces, overlooking the patio, enjoy a more open and fluid arrangement. We used furniture to define these areas subtly, achieving a seamless flow. The master bedroom, set at the back, is preceded by a dressing room that also acts as a sound barrier.

Innovative Design and Materials

Given the challenge of maintaining ceiling height in the living areas, all integrated furniture is topped with a faux beam. This feature not only aids in the installation process but also helps organize the spaces, making them more interconnected and fluid.

For the renovation, we selected materials that both unify and define the spaces. Oak wood ensures continuity, olive green marks space separation, and white ties everything together. This material palette not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the apartment’s functional design.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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